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Buying Bitcoin from Coinbase is arguably the best way to buy BTC, however you will need to give some personal info in order to do so. After you have been verified you can buy bitcoin and ethereum with a debit or credit card and bank accounts as well. You can hold on to the bitcoin until the market value rises and then sell back to Coinbase, or you can make money right away by selling them using the service right below this one. Get $10 extra with Coinbase after you buy $100 in BTC. Coinbase is also a good wallet if you need one. If you want to buy or sell BTC anonymously, see the service right below this one.



You can buy/sell bitcoin anonymously  with cash, and tons of other options like Paypal by using the small blue and white banner below. Choose your best price to buy and sell  btc and which payment forms you want to use, cash, paypal, okpay, bank deposits  etc.... You can bring coins from the exchanges and sell for a premium and make nice profits. If you don't have a wallet there is also a good wallet here that you can use to send and receive bitcoins. 

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